Rag Tops
Convertibles and Cabriolets: our specialty. Whether you need a brand new top or a simple repair, our upholsterers are the most experienced in California. Drive in for a fast, free estimate. Are you a dealer or body shop? We'll drive over to take a look at a vehicle on your lot.
Convertible top replacement ranges from simple (2009 Ford Mustang) to complex (most late model Mercedes). This is due to the mechanical and electrical engineering design of the system. Consumers demand "out of sight" tops when lowered, and attractive, durable tops with clear rear windows when raised. And, consumers want fast acting mechanisms and sound proofing during high speed driving. Depending entirely on vehicle design, these requirements have produced amazing mechanisms, materials and sound control fabrics that can make top replacement difficult. Premier Tops & Trim stands out as the most experienced. We are the market leader in the greater Stockton area. 
These photos are tops we've replaced. May we add yours to the gallery?





The History of Convertibles and Cabrios